Thursday, July 28, 2016

We can build our way out of this US Government perverted mess.

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President Obama was in Philadelphia to once again declare his support for Hillary Clinton, but first he had to talk about himself. Thirty-one times to be…
Thomas Williams
Thomas Williams: We can build our way out of this US Government perverted mess if we really want to

We can build our way out of our social problems through hard work, determination, and better behavior. Hoping that everyone could have a better attitude about life and the world we now live in today.

I think that we are about to wake up however because of the mass destruction weapons that our enemies now possess.

So how are we going to win a future atomic war against other Nations if we do not do better than we are doing now?

Our Country is really in a bad state of affairs when one of our major Political Parties would allow Hillary Clinton to become one of the two candidates for President of the United States. Knowing what we now know about her publicly and otherwise.

The way that she advanced to this moment in time is because of the like-minded people running our US Government, and media, enabled her to do this.

And therefore are equally guilty of these same social sins.

And no one else’s fault but their own, because you, or I, nor Donald Trump made them do that. No! That social sinfulness is their alone, done by their own free will.

We just happened to see it because we are living in the same time span that they are behaving like that.

It is truly sad to me when I realize that even after everything that has been said, and done. And even after all of the devoted sacrifices of the brave generations before us. That we are only as good as a people, country, Nation, and world, as we are now.

That too many of us do not respect the laws of our country’s civil and criminal courts.

That our population has just too many people who do not respect the law, and unfortunately never will. No wonder that William Shakespeare made a career out of these same social tragedies back in the late fifteen-hundreds.

That we really do not respect what we pretend too. And that we are around people who say they are religious but in fact are not, and could really care less about the virtues of their God word.

That these same disrespectful people who are kneeling before God are only going along with the media Show, for appearance sake. Because if they really did believe in the social virtues of God’s word, we would not need our policeman in the way that we now do.

This is the same social tragedies of the law-abiding people who keep becoming victimized by the bad criminal behavior of the people who keep ripping us off. That seems to keep going on and on. That we just can't seem as a people, population, country or nation, to live in a more civilize sincere way. And just too many of our countrymen doesn't love each other enough at all.

And just keep continuing this hypocritical historical way of life in the United States Government, and media, every day now.
So I’m voting for Donald Trump, and hopping for the best once again.

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