Saturday, August 20, 2016

A star is born.

Deanna Meske II replied to a comment on this.
A 2 minute monologue for ya, this was not written, all off the cuff :)
A woman wants the cosmetics girl to make her look 20 years younger and this girl finds herself in a very awkward position!
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Carmine Caradonna
Carmine Caradonna Always very good
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Deanna Meske II
Deanna Meske II Glad u liked it!
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Alfred Cox
Alfred Cox botox.. lmmfao
Alfred Cox
Alfred Cox purty..lmmfao.. superb... you rock.... and off the top of your head.. ..excellent.
Thomas Williams
Thomas Williams I liked it, and I wanted to hear more. You had the kind of seance of humor that is fun to be around, and once you get going you can really go.

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