Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Another perverted American University.

Rue Stahl
According to the administration at West Virginia University, you're a criminal if you don't use transgender-approved made-up language and pronouns.|By Joe Newby
Rue Stahl: Remember one thing "ALL" Universities get FEDERAL AID. You're Paying for this.
Rue Stahl
Rue Stahl: If it wasn't for Federal Aid these Universities couldn't and wouldn't stay afloat.
Rue Stahl
Rue Stahl: Isn't it nice they show you, your tax money at work...???
Thomas Williams
Thomas Williams: King George and Marie Antoinette have been reincarnated in the faculty of West Virginia. So the same perpetrators of their Government tyranny back then is now disguised in social liberal morality that is in fact the immoral passion of these people running West Virginia University.

For seeking the same perverted wealth and power just like the ruling French aristocracy were doing back in 1789 France.

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