Friday, August 26, 2016

Fanning the flames of racial discontent, and social fear.

Thomas Williams

The Democrats and this Washington DC establishment doesn't have anything else to sell the American people, other than that Donald Trump is a racist.

That is also applied to you and me if we point out the failures of the Democrat’s economical failures, and taking the black American people voters for granted, and doing nothing at all about their economical improvement. Except forever talking about them living in an unfair white society.

Fanning the flames of racial discontent, and social fear.

The Washington DC establishment has gone to that political racial playbook so many time that most of the American people now know what a terrible hypocrite that the Washington DC establishment is about racism in politics these days. Racism means power in today’s America politics, so don’t you really fix it, never.

Hillary Clinton keep saying that Donald Trump is a racist to deflect the political truth in Washington DC about that reality away from her instead.

There are currently more than 100 wrongful conviction cases under review in Brooklyn, New York. In this HuffPost Originals mini-documentary, we talked…

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