Wednesday, August 24, 2016

He is just another louse to me.

President Barack Obama visits the flooded neighborhoods in Louisiana
Dyanne Lynne
So Mr. Obama made it to Louisiana!! Can anyone elaborate on this?
Michael Northwick
Michael Northwick: He didn't want to get a water hazard last week. ..ha
James Davis
James Davis: He's a joke!!
Courtney Rutherford Walters
Courtney Rutherford Walters: Last I heard he was still on vaca at Martha Vineyards. Hmm how gracious of him to take time away.
James Campbell
James Campbell: you should have seen it it was impressive all the white folks he shook their hands, all the black folks he shook their hands and hug them its really amazing how that story hasn't hit the news yet it happens very often maybe they hiding it to show that our president isnt racist who knows
Thomas Williams
Thomas Williams: Barack Obama, Bill and Hillary Clinton has turned their political careers over to the pay for play racket that has been going on in Washington DC since we can all remember.

The only difference now is that the media has gone from a watchdog to a lap dog, which is also sharing in the lucrative prophets from the play along to get along big money perk.

The media constantly needs access to the players where all of the action is in the three branches of the American people Government. So they have been sharing the same cocktail party’s where the Washington DC Country Club members keep advancing their own selfish career interest. The latest hustle is becoming a socialist globalist who can make big money backroom deals like never before.

The American people are simply incidental to the DC elitist living on the double standard created by the American aristocracy that you and me do not belong too.

The TV Networks are simply using you instead of honestly sharing their quick way of communicating how the US Government is really being run by the advanced technology of our televisions, computers, and smart phones. Using you the American people for their own wealth and power whether you like it or not.

It’s a great life.

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