Thursday, August 4, 2016

It would “look” too bad on TV.

Anyone having second thoughts about FOX NEWS?
They seem to be leaving Trump, like the others.
Killary tours a tie factory and slams Trump for outsourcing in the past.
Nothing about all her killings and lies...hmmmm....
14 hrs ·
A new Fox News poll shows Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton leading Republican nominee Donald J. Trump 49 percent to 39 percent among likely voters, while 61 percent of respondents say they consider Clinton to be dishonest.

Over half feel Trump is not qualified, and lacks the temperament or knowledge to lead the country. And his 62 percent dishonesty rating tops…
Barbara Cohen Devanna
Barbara Cohen Devanna: The primaries were rigged and so I wouldn't be surprised if the polls are.
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Nikki Graham
Nikki Graham
Sue Hudson
Sue Hudson: I feel sure this is another democratic trick.
Randall Broadus
Dina Hill
Dina Hill: Alllllll the media trying to make people ditch and switch. Stay the course! It's all desperate Hillary. Don't believe the polls either. All bs!
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Mary Kay Fitzpatrick-Carroll
Mary Kay Fitzpatrick-Carroll: The sad thing is that people do switch because they believe the crap that comes out of the media's mouth.
Grazie Dezi
Grazie Dezi: Not me.
Dina Hill
Dina Hill: This election has been such an eye opener for me as to just how MUCH control the media has and the establishment has over us. It's disgusting and it has to end! There is no end to the corruption and dirty tactics they will try to use to sink Trump. People just have to shut it off and listen to him. He does NOT quit at anything. That's how I know it's all bs!
Mary Kay Fitzpatrick-Carroll
Mary Kay Fitzpatrick-Carroll Dina Hill: The problem is that our whole political system is corrupt and the media is involved. All about money and power, and as I said, many people, unfortunately fall for it.
William Dickerson
William Dickerson: She experienced convention bounce, and Donald Trump made a couple of boo-boos recently. I assume, naw, I believe "he'll be back".
There is still time, but he needs to stop tangling with Khan. There is no way to win a war or battle of logic with liars ...See More
Peggy Mancini
Peggy Mancini: How many Trump Supporters have been polled? any? there's your answer.
Dina Hill
Dina Hill: Exactly!
Linda Barrs
Linda Barrs: Trump is leading and he will win do not believe the media
Marie Mastrorilli Siano
Valarie Stuewe
Valarie Stuewe: The only way he would not win is if Hillary rigs it. Again.
Thomas Williams
Thomas Williams: And that is a very discouraging and disgusting thing to keep reading about the media polling statistic of how the women living in America feel in the same way that the today liberal media want them to. And how they are soft headed and guilty over the sins of the past.

That’s another reason why our county is going down. Hence no one wants to do what really needs to be done to effectively stop all this madness enveloping us.

It would “look” too bad on TV.

Well if DT isn’t able to impose some discipline upon himself, and work within the environment he’s in, Clinton will win in November. Because of course it is a mistake to try and fight everyone when you just need to beat one more person instead. And really start helping the American people fight against all of the rest.

And the American people should really be tired of spending all of their time in the Sideshow when the real Circus is only a couple of more blocks away.
Mary Kay Fitzpatrick-Carroll
Mary Kay Fitzpatrick-Carroll: The media has all stories about him and his controversies. They have nothing about her. They are just so biased. It is just so obvious. The media is part of the whole corrupt system.

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