Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Picture of your friend.

Thomas Williams
Thomas Williams: My best friend lost all of his looks that might attract other peoples favor, and than began to tell us about his heart. How he loved you and me the same, no matter who we are or what we look like, and told us to simply love each other.

That made the ruling forces running the Government at that time dislike him. So they began to discredit and shame him by cruelly lashed his body and placing a crown of sharp thorns into his scalp, mocking him as the king of the Jews.

So from his beautiful passion and attitude of love for you and me the cross that this guy died on is now a symbol of honor, instead of shame.

The spirit of Jesus Christ has been my very best friend ever since then, and I really don't know what he looks like except from the wonderful feeling of friendship, and forgiving spirit that he left behind after his death. In fact my best friends spirit of friendship could very well be in you, and some of the other people around us right now. Because you just never know.

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