Saturday, August 20, 2016

Poetic Justice.

Elena Rose to Friends Who Support Donald J. Trump
Megyn Kelly's show has been doing horrendously: she tied with Rachel Maddow this week with the key demos, and she has been causing major…
Mary Ator Masterson
Mary Ator Masterson Dislike Megyn kelly a whole lot! And shes rude as hell like Don Lemon on CNN.
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Joquita Sullivan
Joquita Sullivan That would be just too good !! Please tell me its true.
Sharon Spence
Sharon Spence I LOVE DML <3
Vinette Walfall
Vinette Walfall DML has my vote. He don't take bullshit. IMHO he gets over on the points better than Sean Hanniy. And I love Sean.

We need DML now. He will defend TRUMP's proposals.
Nikki Graham
Ramona Manthei
Ramona Manthei Hope this is true. Wish she would stay on vacation.
Vinette Walfall
Vinette Walfall Where is MEGYN jelly. It's been a relief not having her on FOX.
Shirley Cleer
Shirley Cleer I haven't watched this bias, unprofessional since the first debate!! She needs to take notes from Greta, Hannity, Judge Jeanine and Lou Dobbs!!
Shirley Cleer
Shirley Cleer Trump all the way to OUR WH!!!!

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