Sunday, August 28, 2016

Ran loved that City.

Another Hurricane is about to wash away New Orleans with the floodwaters of a thousand year. That will churn along with the tears of so many generations of people that only you and I seem to know who were living there. 

Having fun working and enjoying raising their family’s with each other company until finally the floodwater will begin washing everything away.

Thomas Williams

Ran loved walking around the city from place to place where he worked and played, because the City was not too large to reach the place he wanted to go without needing a car.

Much like downtown Manhattan is in New York City. New York. Everything you need or wanted is just about in the same block where you work and live, or very nearby.

His City already had its own culture that developed over the years from being a Port City resting in the shape of a crescent at the mouth of the Mississippi River, with a lot of diversity from all over the world doing business there.

So he seemed to fit right into the everyday life style of New Orleans where the Rhythm and Blues, and Jazz Music sounded just like them along with their very delicious food that simply tasted like they wanted it too.

The New Orleans people were easy to get along with who naturally avoided the harmful things that would mess up having a good time. Because New Orleans was a Party Town from way back in their history. The history of the New Orleans people were to keep parading around the city for two weeks every year celebrating Carnival Mardi Gras, and just about having the greatest free Show of wine, music, and song on earth. That everyone living there or from out of town could enjoy equally, no matter who you were rich or poor.

New Orleans was a cheap place to live in the 1920s where you could get along nicely from cup of coffee, to cup of coffee.

So that kind of creature comforts for a man who was raised by a very austere father under a very controlled way of life in North Louisiana, became a place that simply liberated him to feel like himself, and that is what he did.

A deep romance between New Orleans and Ran became an obvious feature on Randolph body language when he walked into his favorite restaurant, or bar, to relax having fun. A place in time where the moment of his life became happy with the people he liked and loved.
So we all exactly know what Ran's feeling were about New Orleans and what that means to us too. We really can't explain luck like that anymore than you can explain any of those horrible things we are witnesses to today.
That a hurricane can simply wash away all of the people living in New Orleans worldly goods, destroying the places and thing that they enjoyed so much without a trace is very frustrating to me.
That good or bad luck just happens the way it does. So will this new tropical depression turn into the killer hurricane that the people living in New Orleans were afraid would happen one day, or maybe not.
Perhaps it's best that way that the mystical part of life that we ponder about are not for us to be privy to in the middle of living life mysteries. So all I know is that Randolph moments of life and love with us in New Orleans were not unimportant to him, and completely different than the mindless floodwater that keeps washing everything away from time to time.  

Tropical Depression 8 forms; Another system may brew in the Gulf of Mexico
By Kristina Pydynowski, Senior Meteorologist

August 28, 2016; 10:33 AM ET

Tropical Depression 8 has formed east of the Carolinas, while another tropical system bears watching to develop in the Gulf of Mexico this week.

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Tropical Depression 8 has formed east of the Carolinas, while another tropical system bears watching to develop in the Gulf of Mexico this week.

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