Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Think for yourselves before you vote are get led down the wrong path again, just like before.

Elton Powell
Elton Powell: until he democratic politician started getting us involved in other country's political problems and than their wars; (this started with Harry s. Truman) we never had a single problem with Muslims practicing their Islamic faith in America. We still didn't until just before Reagan when the Lebanese killed all those 225 U.S. Marines and nothing was done about it. That's when they knew that the U.S. was what the Chinese called us: ''a paper tiger'. I don't know how they knew that but they did. still we kept trying to change the gov'ts of the world. Let's face it. they aren't ready for democracy. Stop meddling. Bama Boy 8/ 9/ 2016/
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Dave Warner
Dave Warner: at least his smile isnt forced... with clinched teeth...
Allan Farris
Allan Farris: I don't see any racism! Do you?
Thomas Williams
Thomas Williams: The coordinated effort of the Washington DC establishment member and media is in full swing now. Criticizing Donald Trump everyday no matter what Donald Trump says and does until Election Day on November 8th 2016.

The fail-safe political success script of the DC Country Club was written long before now when and where the two political parties decided to run another Bush vs Clinton in 2016, to become the 46 President of the United States.

The Democrats pushed Hillary Clinton into becoming one the two nominees well enough but alas the Republicans were shocked with the sudden popularly of Donald Trump who keeps upsetting the best made plans of mice and men in the Republican Party.

So is it really a surprise to us in how the DC Country Club and media are so one-sided critiquing Donald Trump Presidential candidacy over television now and until Election Day.

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