Sunday, August 7, 2016

When in fact we know that what he is doing now is insane for our country's US Government to do us.

President Barack Obama is wanting none citizens to vote in our country's elections. And that tell us everything about what is so scary about what these liberals American people want in our country's society. And how could anyone try to make that argument?

And its OK says the media because Obama is being moral about it.

When in fact we know that what he is doing is insane.

It is frightening seeing the decay of this country in the precept that they are being moral about what they want, and are doing to our country's US Government.

Our country is doomed if we do not get a handle on this giveaway of the tax payers money problem. In the guise of being a humanitarian about our social problems. That has truly become perverted from what is a more healthy way of living our lives. To pull our own weight becoming a productive citizen instead of taking the money from the tax payers, and allowing the US Government to pay your way.

We thought that we might have a chance with someone like Donald Trump the outsider. Whether he was a good politician or not we do not know - but letting himself become bated is only allowing the media to paint him like a fool. I do not think that Donald Trump is a fool, do you, but he must stop that misinterpretation of who he really is. That Barack Obama wants none citizens to vote, explains this sudden surge in illegal emigration. And trying to keep canceling out the honest law abiding American people like you and me.

So I am voting for Trump to stop this slide on the slippery slope of the Washington DC establishment for everyone sake.

And to stop seeing our country's society run by the criminal in the Washington DC country Club. And try and stop becomeing a perverted place of addicted welfare groups of people living off of the American tax payers, instead of what it is, and should be.
Lou Dobbs
February 22 ·

The Obama administration is fighting in federal court to strike down an election rule that ensures only citizens vote. If the administration prevails it could allow non-citizens to vote in the upcoming presidential election. The Justice Department led by Attorney General Loretta Lynch is now backing the NAACP and the League of Women Voters.

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February 22 ·

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