Friday, September 2, 2016

All nationalities of the American citizens should be put first over all of the immigrating people entering the United States of America, and that illegal immigrants are simply out of the question. Why should they be?

The only immigration solution

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump unveiled a 10-part immigration policy plan during a speech in Phoenix on Aug. 31 after meeting with Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto earlier in the day. (The Washington Post)

By Charles Krauthammer Opinion writer September 1 at 7:35 PM
The one great service of Donald Trump’s extended peregrinations on immigration policy is to have demonstrated how, in the end, there’s only one place to go.

You can rail for a year about the squishy soft, weak-kneed and stupid politicians who have opened our borders to the wretched refuse of Mexico. You can promise to round them up — the refuse, that is, not the politicians (they’re next) — and deport them. And that may win you a plurality of Republican primary votes.

But eventually you have to let it go. For all his incendiary language and clanging contradictions, Trump did exactly that in Phoenix on Wednesday. His “deportation task force” will be hunting . . . criminal aliens. Isn’t that the enforcement priority of President Obama, heretofore excoriated as the ultimate immigration patsy?

Thomas Williams
The media is so much in the camp of Hillary Clinton that if Donald Trump pulls even, or goes ahead in the next poll. I feel that they just might start jumping off the nearest highest buildings that they clime.

It has become very difficult to listen to anything that the media says to us these days about Hillary Clinton, or Donald Trump. Because the media has proven themselves to be very unreliable over what they keep saying about this 2016 Presidential election race. So the information that the media report about is always tainted with the bias against you and me supporting Donald Trump.

So if that is the way they feel so be it, and I hope the American people who vote for Donald Trumps wins anyway.
No one has ever posited the following. Suppose an immigration demon simply appeared and offered to remove ALL illegal immigrants, not jus those from our neighbor, Mexico, but from everywhere. How would we get our fruit and vegetables picked? How would we get most home care workers replaced? How would the many employers who USE illegal labor get their work don?

As far as I can tell, most Americans won't do the jobs that these illegals do at the pay rate which they work. And how would we deal with the political consequences of getting rid of the so-called "good" illegals, i.e those from European countries?

Any discussion?
10:08 AM EST
I just think of it in terms of priorities. We got a lot of other, bigger problems to worry about than building some dumb wall. What O has done is entirely reasonable, unless you are a kook who listens to too much AM radio.
C. Auguste Dupin
10:08 AM EST
Americans don't want jobs at 18/hr plus benefits? Every builder in my area hires illegals; with fake paperwork. They love them; this year a crew of Hispanics were working on new house on the 4th of July.
C. Auguste Dupin
"This was the premise of the 1986 Reagan amnesty. It legalized almost 3 million immigrants. Because it never enforced the border, however, three has become 11."

The Dems promised increased border protection in 1986 as well. Then just let the issue drop.
How does the term "non-criminal illegal immigrant" even pass the throw-your-head-back-and-guffaw test?
Non-criminal...illegal? What's next, non-cold frozen Popsicle?

Part of the problem with political discourse these days is that words, terms and phrases that make no sense are tossed around in serious discussions.

Another example...Affordable Care Act.
if one walks the streets of NYC, it's clear that the illegals haven't come by crossing our southern border - they came from ireland, russia , china, poland - and with legal visas, that have expired.
that's the real problem - and no one is even identifying the real problem.
Frank Dilliard
10:08 AM EST
If one walks the streets of Phoenix.......


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