Sunday, September 18, 2016

I see no change at all in the 2016 LSU College Football Program, and I wonder where in the world did I get the impression that there would be?

Thomas Williams

That Les Miles (Mad Finish) keep spoiling the fun watching LSU play football anymore because it is always the fault of him Les Miles lack of coaching.

That Les Miles mad finish cannot hide the fact that this LSU football team now has a good enough QB, at last, to win the college football game that they are playing in spite of the coaching deficiencies of Les Miles and Cam Cannon.

Les Miles just doesn't want to do what most of the other good coaches do to win a college football game. By making more form than substance his coaching trademark. That LSU should have put Miss State away because this 2016 LSU football team does have the talent but just doesn't have the coach.
So unfortunately for us the LSU football fans (nothing at all has changed) in the LSU college football program run by Les Miles in Baton Rouge Louisiana...Except who is playing QB.
A rainbow appeared over Tiger Stadium during the second quarter Saturday.|By The Advocate (Baton Rouge, LA)

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