Thursday, September 15, 2016

Les Miles seem to be lost trying to coach the LSU Tigers Quarterbacks.

The QB carousel could cost Les Miles his job according to Booger McFarland:

Les Miles on the verge of losing his team?
Thomas Williams Yes, he will insult the LSU football players if Miles plays Branden Harris just because of the color of his skin. That is not treating people equally at all, and the team knows it.
Terry Fonseca
Terry Fonseca Look LSU needs a game manager at qb. We have enough talent around to succeed without a star qb just a game manager. Let's be honest there were enough key dropped passes to go around that were in hands. But if you noticed just the threat of the pass opened the run game. Etling will get it done.
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Brad Rcke
Brad Rcke Right, because the team has never given up on Les Miles before. (Disregard the LSU v Alabama national championship and the Jordan Jefferson debacles).

McFarland is referring to team dynamics. It's very hard to get one part of the team to perform at 110% when a critical position (the QB) is not capable of performing at greater than 30% of what he needs to be successful at that position.
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