Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Lying from the liars writing it for the Huffington Post. Trump told the world that he contributed to politicians for what is called, "pay to play." Except Hillary Clinton lies about it instead, and the media is complicit over what she keeps doing.

Thomas Williams
The American people are foolish trying to keep reading the Huffington Post for ongoing valid information, when all they get to read is political propaganda of the worst kind. Lying from the liars writing it for the Huffington Post, and the rest of our country's main stream media,..
Crystal Alcairo ·
Palm Bay, Florida
After reading this, I don't want to hear or read another story about Hillary's emails, and or the Clinton Foundation. The fat, orange, emperor has no clothes in this instance and if he continues, Drumpf needs to be called out for his blatant hypocrisy.
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Jourdan Beers
Nicely said.
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Jacob Jacobsen
This is nothing compared to the long list of criminal and crooked stuff this guy has pulled in the last few months alone.
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Elizabeth Pengson
he paid off Abbott of texas via donation too..
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Tamara Muyskens
It won't matter. Like he said, he could shoot someone on 5th Avenue and still get votes. This man is beyond despicable. The fact that he never sent the donated or promised money to charities and stiffed contractors on payments SHOULD have sent the republican voters screaming for the hills (since they are all supposedly pro-veteran and pro-jobs), but no, it's all about star-f**king and the complete obsession this country has with reality shows. The women I see fawning over him at the rallies make me sick. They aren't his type, someone should tell them...
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Anne Johnson ·
School House Rock
They only support him because they want to see him shake down all the people they hate.
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Jason Jackson Willamette
Anne Johnson - not since Marie Antionett has a character so self absorbed, so lacking in empathy, so oblivious to how we see who he is, this man will damage the lives of millions of Americans - especially these dolts.

His reply? WHO CARES!

Vote blue, tell everyone too.
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RnĂ© Flschbn ·
Living, Writing, Teaching, Reading, at Earth
Anne Johnson: won't his shake down include everyone who isn't trump? The guy only cares about himself. I honestly believe he'd throw his own spawn under the bus... he's already done it to two wives.
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The Republican Party of Florida paid much less for the venue than Trump's own campaign has paid.

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