Saturday, September 17, 2016

Media Death by Platitudes.

Clinton sharpens, Trump softens. He’s rising, she’s falling.

  Donal Trump at his political rallys.
By Charles Krauthammer Opinion writer September 15
If you are the status quo candidate in a change election in which the national mood is sour and two-thirds of the electorate think the country is on the wrong track, what do you do? Attack. Relentlessly. Paint your opponent as extremist, volatile, clueless, unfit, dangerous. Indeed, Hillary Clinton’s latest national ad, featuring major Republican politicians echoing that indictment of Donald Trump, ends thus: “Unfit. Dangerous. Even for Republicans.”

That was the theme of Clinton’s famous “alt-right” speech and of much of her $100 million worth of ads.

Problem is, it’s not working.

Over the past month, Trump’s new team, led by Kellyanne Conway, has worked single-mindedly to blunt that line of attack, on the theory that if he can just cross the threshold of acceptability, he wins. In an act of brazen rebranding, they set out to endow him with stature and empathy.

Stature was acquired in Mexico, whose president inexplicably gave Trump the opportunity to stand on the world stage with a national leader and more than hold his own. It’s the same stature booster Sen. Barack Obama pulled off when he stood with the French president at a news conference in Paris in 2008.

Thomas Williams
This country's journalism are through
Our country's TV Networks are employers of some very dishonest people who have become nothing more than political hacks that are destroying journalism in America.

Thank God for our smartphones computers because this country's journalism is through destroying themselves in a wash of media platitudes.
Tim Kahn
well im going to you tube and listen to silver spring by stivie nix .far better then what im seeing now. also hide away a great video.
Social media is a joke. We will never change others minds on how they are going to vote.its just a tool for people that look of a reflection of what is going to happen anyway.its the best polling tool but they still thing it has an impact on the outcome of dose not .its just a thing people go to to ask for things and to complain.thats it all we are doing is saying is what is going to come about anyway.its just a reflection of what is going to happen anyway.clinton has won this election.out of fear or just voters picking the least of two evils. Its just how it is. She is the better choice. I still want to know what her vision is. Maybe just to feel better about her winning. eight more years of the same is sad .but not insane .we need some change and we want some change. things need to get better .its why we vote at all to make things better .so far i just dont see anything getting better.maybe we need to hear how they are going to make things better .as voters we deserve that.
why is it that they post my comments more then one time. yes i know i got about 1.7 million thumbs up. but that makes me nothing .its just proof everyone is about as sick of things as i old but im an feeling good my military is the best on earth . i dont care that others think im a war monger.for us to be safe we need what we have and i thank the people keeping us safe.i also dont get how people knock picking the least of two evils .its how we got here. by choice and voting.the most insulting thing in our free nation to me are people that do not vote.people have to take a side. You want a trump or a clinton .so far i can say i cant tell .all they do in the press is go after each other .i dont care about that i want to know what the plan is .what do you plan on doing as leader of the free far i think clinton has a plan but sense she wont say more then trump is an a hole i cant tell.what is your plan woman ? what ?

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