Friday, September 16, 2016

The American people will get the last say so, thank God.

Thomas Williams

Obama lacked the political courage to bring real change by helping to bring everyone together. He could not let go being a racial Merchant, and playing on the fears an unfortunate circumstance of black Americans living in the Inner Cities.

That our American media is so invested in the way that the Washington DC is really being run by the liberal Ivy League elites ripping off the American people in the name of social morality. That is, in reality, immoral, and is the ongoing social struggle that the American people and Donald Trump are now experiencing.


Donald Trump Vows to Create 25 Million Jobs Over Next Decade

Donald Trump Vows to Create 25 Million Jobs Over Next Decade - The New York Times

Donald J. Trump unveiled a pledge on Thursday to create 25 million jobs over the next decade, but he offered few details on how he would achieve that ambitious goal as president.

In remarks that may stir new consternation abroad, Mr. Trump told the Economic Club of New York that he would pay for his economic agenda in part by requiring allies to shoulder the full cost of American military resources deployed in their defense.

Mr. Trump has long criticized the country’s defense arrangements, but on Thursday, he drew an uncommonly straight line between his job-creation promises and the “billions and billions of dollars” currently spent on “defending other people.” He specifically mentioned Germany, Japan, Saudi Arabia and South Korea as “economic behemoths” that the United States should not pay to protect.

“You could ask yourself, how long would Saudi Arabia even be there if we weren’t defending them?”

 Mr. Trump said in his speech. “And I think we should defend them, but we have to be compensated properly.”

He added, “I’m sure they’ll be thrilled to hear that.”


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