Thursday, September 1, 2016

These double crossing dirty rats must be held accountable.

  • This ANGERS me! I listened to killery's speech last night and she patted herself on the back for being in the situation room "advising" Obummer on the Bin Laden take down. I could only wonder why neither of them was in the situation room on the night they let these guys be murdered. Oh - yeah - she also blasted Trump for dishonoring gold star mothers. Is it not dishonoring to lie to a gold star mother about her son's death? Bah. Can't stand her!!

    The rescue team was supposed to be posted in the building right next the attacked one. It was found to be uninhabitable by who, Mrs. Killary Kodham Klinton.... Then the team forced to a building further away from Stevens and the marines.... Had the rescue team been in the building they were initially supposed to be in, Benghazi would not be a sad story rather a triumphant one.

    I hope Karma would bite them both, and they end up in jail. These two idiots let our American Soldiers down, and they lost their lifes because of it, period.
    Thomas Williams
Thomas Williams Tinker Town Tiger: What is wrong with Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, ...

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