Thursday, September 15, 2016

Is Les Miles really like that? 

'There’s no closed door': Les Miles hoping move to the bench could spark quarterback Brandon Harris


LSU coach Les Miles compared quarterback Brandon Harris, the starter for the Tigers first two games, to a baseball hitter in a slump at his weekly radio show. Ideally, moving Harris to the bench will reenergize him for the future, Miles suggested.

“Frankly, I told (Harris), ‘Listen, I’d like to look back about two years from now and have won two national championships and that you had never relinquished the job,’ Miles said. "But sometimes, you know, that third-hole batter gets in a slump and he can’t quite handle it. But now move him to second spot and suddenly he’s hitting the heck out of the ball. He’s clutch. He’s everything you ever wanted. So we really just felt like we need to take him off the field and have him get comfortable with what’s going on.”

Down 3-0 against Jacksonville State last Saturday, Harris was replaced by Danny Etling early in the second quarter of the Tigers’ 34-13 victory. Etling completed six of his first eight passes for 100 yards and a touchdown. Etling, who also had a rushing touchdown, led three straight touchdown drives as LSU scored 27 points in the quarter.

Miles, like he had at both the Southeastern Conference teleconference and his post-practice press conference, indicated that Danny Etling will start in Saturday’s SEC opener against Mississippi State. However, Miles did suggest that Harris will still be involved in the weekly game preparation and may have opportunities to play again.

“We think that Brandon will compete, continue to improve,” Miles said. “And no one’s ever said he didn’t have a lot of talent... It’s fair to say that Danny will take the first snaps in the game. We’re going to do the things that make the team best. There’s no closed door to entry into the game.”
Here are few other nuggets from Miles’ radio show:

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Thomas Williams ·

Yes, If Les Miles start playing musical chairs with Brandon Harris and Danny Etiling at QB, after knowing what we know now about their Quarterbacking talents. It will be hard to not believe that he will insult the LSU football players if Miles plays Branden Harris just because of the color of his skin. Because that social foolishness is not treating people equally at all, and the team already knows it.
Kevin Braud ·

Why in the hell is Miles so hung-up on Harris? He is NOT getting the job done!!!!

I hope Etling burns it up Saturday night
Frank LaNasa Sr.
Miles WILL get Brandon Harris in the game
Tom Tim
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Frank LaNasa Sr.
Tom Tim Brandon Harris = Jordan Jefferson
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Andy Ringswald ·

Spark what?
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Eric Hoffer ·

A move to the bench will reenergize Brandon???? There are several college quarter backs that play "energized" every Saturday - they key is to be able to hit the broad side of a barn while passing.
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Paul Spillman ·

What has happened to Harris is similar to what happened to Chuck Knoblauch. Knoblauch was one of the most fundamentally sound second baseman in the majors when, seemingly overnight, he couldn't make a routine throw to first base. He eventually moved to the outfield and was out of baseball two years later. With Harris I'm not ready to predict he'll be out of football. But right now he's unable to make routine throws with consistency. It's sheer speculation on my part but I think it's happened because he's asked to play a style he isn't comfortable with and doesn't really trust. He knows he has a good team around him and is feeling the pressure to perform. Maturity seems to be an issue as well. If Etling doesn't get hurt or completely fall apart I think Harris will end up transferring somewhere that runs a spread offense and probably do well in the one year remaining to him. And let the record show Les wants a pro-style pocket passer. Why even recruit a spread quarterback?
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Bruce Gagnard
Paul Spillman Tweeting "u smart" to a player who left LSU for another school shows a total lack of maturity and commitment to the team in my opinion. At this point I wouldn't play Harris unless both Etling and McMillan were hurt. They would be #1 and #2 options in my book. Harris should have worked day and night on his short to mid passing game this summer and it's clearly apparent he didn't. If he had he would own the starting job.
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