Friday, September 16, 2016

Turncoat John Kasich

Well friends he's back and meeting with Obamanation to discuss TPP, he says he's putting the US before his political career! PUKE!


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Jackie Griffith
Randy Westbrook
Randy Westbrook I took a dump this morning..............same relevance.
Patty Martin
Patty Martin That's good because his political career is pretty much done.
Dan Delong
Owen McLeod
Owen McLeod Stuff a meatball sandwich in that pie hole
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Isaac Lawrence Krolik
Isaac Lawrence Krolik Go away you stupid kasiche
Linda Wilder Albritton
Linda Wilder Albritton Add him to the TRAITOR list!!
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Jordan Zweifler
Jordan Zweifler His political career toast
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Vincent Jasperson
Vincent Jasperson POS💩💩💩💩💩💩
Kate Culbertson
IN 2018
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Vance Sanders
Vance Sanders TPA is NOT how you put America first... just saying...
Pete Schneider
Pete Schneider I hope Kasich enjoys his last two years in politics.
Douglass Sharon Morrison
Douglass Sharon Morrison They need to vote his ass out!
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Misty Sturgell
Misty Sturgell I can't trust that he will keep his word, he's already proven his words and promises mean nothing. I will vote against Mr Kasich next election.
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Jeena Zane Chanel
Jeena Zane Chanel Just who is giving her money and how much? Here is a start, for August alone.

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia $10-25 million...See More

Jeena Zane Chanel
Jeena Zane Chanel
Jeena Zane Chanel
Jeena Zane Chanel
Janet Miller
Janet Miller nothing but a slim anti American.
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Dennis Reese
Dennis Reese like a toilet not flushing right. wishing you get lost forever.
Janee Zwick
Janee Zwick Go eat a pancake John. You are a loser and didn't get your promised convention. Voting Trump.
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Victoria S. Nafziger Zimmer
Victoria S. Nafziger Zimmer POS. I am ashamed to say he is my Goveror.
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Rick Lopes
Rick Lopes Excuse my french but i would love to smack the SHIT out of him
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Penny Davis
Penny Davis No, he is putting that Soros blood dollar before America.....Folks in Ohio need to ask him why he is taking blood money from a lefty backer.....That man is no conservative, every policy he backs is extremely liberal, and the economy doing well there is due to fracking and the private sector, not him...He is another fraud, plant.....Voting Trump/Pence 2016
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Dan Click
Dan Click This guy has no backbone, Another lying scumbag !
Rick Nickeson
Rick Nickeson Kasich is a little bitch
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John DiIanni
John DiIanni How's that putting America first, TPP is bad for the country a another step toward Globalism! #VoteTrump

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David Farnham
David Farnham If I lived in OHIO I would be totally embarrassed of Kasich!!! AMERICA FIRST TRUMP 2016
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Sam Trobiani
Sam Trobiani U r a BIG ASSHOLE
Lisa Nasko
Lisa Nasko He NEVER puts the US before his political career. What a bunch or horse shit!!
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Michael J. Flood
Michael J. Flood Lying weasel!
Donald Dowland
Donald Dowland Butterfly
Nick Evanish
Nick Evanish This zombie won't go away the walking dead
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Jim Owens
Jim Owens going by the primary, its looks like his own state is the only one that likes him at all. He needs to step off and quit pandering to Obama. He better start circling the wagons and try to think about how he can work with Trump when we elect him to be POTUS.
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Dan Click
Dan Click He's just another spineless, lying, whiney little bitch !
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Nancy Hughes
Nancy Hughes How much money is he making out of the deal. Check if he has connections to the Clinton Foundation!
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Louise Carpino
Yolanda Cooper
Rocky Rhoads
Rocky Rhoads Slob and ignorant!
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Thomas Williams
Thomas Williams Someone will throw up listening to this pompous hypocrite.
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