Monday, September 5, 2016

Watch: China humiliates Obama with disrespectful greeting

Jay Ferrer shared JerusalemOnline's video to the group: Friends Who Support Donald J. Trump.

Watch, no respect...

Watch: China greets Obama in unusual manner, sparking controversy
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Ronnie Searcy And he bows once again!!! No red carpet and out of the rear exit at that... bahahahaha!
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Matt Price I watched it again, there are Chinese military on the ground because you and you see their bayonets on their guns. You can't see the red carpet because The Beast is in the way. PLUS, he exits near the seal, which is in front of the wing. Don't get me wrong, I can't stand the guy, but we must be vigilante not to jump to conclusions and assume everything on FB is fact.
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Stephen Rude Of course there is no respect!
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In the past eight years, the US President has never been received in such a humiliating manner. The Chinese government apparently wanted to relay a message to Washington when it forced the US President to descend Air Force One via the back door and without a red carpet.|By Becca Noy


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