Tuesday, September 6, 2016

We are very disappointed in the people running this US Government.

Thomas Williams
The people running the US Government have created this American autocracy, or if you like a hierarchy of people who use different elevators, and boardrooms, and limousines, than the rest of the American people.

That you and I cannot ever use.

These Washington DC Country Club members are running the US Government in the way that they want to, no matter how you and I feel about that.

If this separate and apart hierarchy in the US Government keeps running the everyday American people business like they have been doing, with absolute power. That they can’t stop doing so because they are now acting like drug addicts, and are only throwing the crumbs of the larger loaf of bread, that we the American people keep backing back to us.

All hell is going to break lose one day.

The American people now look at each other like we are the good guys. But knowing about the US Government being run in that way only tells us that we have to many bad people elected into office running the three branches of the United States Government.

The media will not report all of what they know about this American hierarchy because the media is very much a part of the Washington DC Country Club themselves. That is doing all of these bad things in the name of morality in the House of Congress, that is of course very immoral instead for real.

I still think that this same Washington DC establishment will not let the American people elect Donald Trump as the next President of the United States, in a straight up Election. Because the American people really doesn’t have a free choice voting in the US Government Presidential election that has been rigged for real all these years, believe it or not?

The people running this US Government are lying, cheating, and stealing, so who in God’s name really wants to live like that?


Shared publicly  -  Mar 22, 2016
So how can we express our total disappointment in Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and the American media? That they have lead everyone to the end of the Canal street Cemetery with all of their political propaganda, when bad people are not our friend at all.

The same unsafe social attitude that German Angela Merkel has - and look how well that is turned out for Europe.
"A top Homeland Security official told Border Patrol agents the Obama administration has “no intention of deporting” many of the illegal immigrants caught trying to sneak into the country, ordering instead that they be released so they don’t clog up the courts, a leading advocate for agents testified to Congress."

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