Monday, September 19, 2016

What in the hell has happened to the population living in Pennsylvania over the years voting for dirty rotten double-crossing people like Hillary Clinton?

Catherine Summers to Friends Who Support Donald J. Trump
Pa. is still loving the liar and murderer...
Come on Pa. you are smarter than this......
Sherine McManus
Sherine McManus PA Hillary called you all Blue Collar Trash hope you don't throw your precious vote away. Trump will never ever name call his supporters we can assure that he respects his supporters.
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Kathrine Frederick
Kathrine Frederick Must not have any schooling, can't read. Sorry for folks that didn't go to school an learn the truth. So they just make their X.
Kelly Howley
Kelly Howley You can do it...Donald Trump all the way to the White House
Thomas Williams
Thomas Williams I'll believe it when I see that on November 8th 2016. Because the black American voters just keep voting for Democrats no matter who is running. Even if it is a snake in the grass like Hillary Clinton.

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