Monday, October 10, 2016

Bill Clinton loses his temper after debate.

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Richie Comeau Wow, now what he feels bad, he's been raping that we know since college!
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Donna Germain Racine wish there was a video of this
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Thomas Williams The GOP members who bailed on Trump could be finished now after the debate. 

The Democrats thought that they had this Presidential election in the bag before the Town Hall Debate last night because of that leaked Donald Trump vulgar conversation he had with a woman he knew 12 years ago. 

Now the media looks like a bunch of whipped dogs unable to walk and talk like they wanted to broadcast to you and me. 

The American people have been waiting for a long time for someone to take on Hillary Clinton in public to her face letting her know why they are so disappointed over her destroying those emails that everyone wanted to read. 

Nobody has ever said to her face what Trump waylaid on her. I think the polls will show this also. 

The DC Country Club better hope now that Donald Trump does lose, because if he wins, the GOP and its cadre of elites are finished.

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