Sunday, October 16, 2016

CNN: Polls Are Wrong, Says Statistics Professor, Trump Will Do Better Than Expected

CNN: Polls Are Wrong, Says Statistics Professor, Trump Will Do Better Than Expected
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Thomas Williams
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Robert Stienke My wife and I have never been contacted by any media poll. We can say for sure that we will not vote for Hillary under any circumstance, even if she is the only candidate. At that point we will write in our terrier's name Canyon.
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Dave Lefebvre When trump holds a rally he fills an entire auditorium with people lined up outside. Hillary doesn't get near that number . Perhaps that's the most truthful poll u can go by.
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Jamie Dyevich Trump is going to win by a landslide. I drive around the state of New Jersey and I don't see any enthusiasm for Hillary Clinton at all. And this is a blue state
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Frank Candella CNN should be ashamed of themselves an American they are not revealing the truth about the clintons and trying to get her elected they should all rot in hell
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Jack Parsons Dating back to 1913, the Tavistock Institute used polls to shape public opinion into accepting Britain’s entry into World War I. The plan to ‘create’ public opinion through the fake reporting of bogus polling date began as a propaganda factory centered...See More
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David Phipps Allegations have recently surfaced that Donald Trump had inappropriate contact with some polls. He was also overheard saying "Screw the polls!". Should be on the news tonight.
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Debbie McMahon DelBuono Every time I admit that I will be voting for Mr. Trump to a non-supporter- I am viciously attacked by one "tolerant" Hillary supporter after another. Whether or not he respects woman has nothing to do with the fact that he is the only one who can fix our economy and keep us safe. I truly believe that there are a lot of people like me who are afraid to admit we are Trump supporters, and the Polls do not reflect this.
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John Arant Trump will win. Don't believe the lies brought out conveniently weeks before the election about Trump. Hillary is a actual, factual known liar to the people of this country and has done far worse proven things than Trump has done. Stay the course people and vote Trump. Somebody that loves his country
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Troy Blanchard The polls are wrong. There are people around here who were denied even getting to answer who they were voting for when they answered how old they were. They want millennials and thats it for polls. They have proven to be un-reliable voters in the past. And even then they cant put hillary over the top.
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