Monday, October 3, 2016

Donald Trump is my choice, what about you?

Thomas Williams

I am tired of Political Morality that is very immoral when of course we are all trying to survive in this very real harsh world. Are you kidding me?

Why should our Country's economy be losing money in the terrible way that our Federal Reserve Bank is doing it?

Printing new money that is not covered by sound assets like Gold or a cash flow from Business that operates on a sound solvent policy. No! This country's Federal Reserve Bank is simply supplying (New Money) without sound Business assets for the political reason that keeps the people running the US Government looking like nothing is really wrong.

Our US Government seems like a pack of like-minded liars living out a scandalous political charade up until the day they die. Because they only believe in Power and not what you and I value at all.

Donald Trump Presidental candidacy seems like a much better choice to me over the Washington DC establishment corrupted way of doing Business in the likes of Hillary Clinton.


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