Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Hillary Clinton is a lying gangster and not worthy of the American people vote.

Thomas Williams

So why are the American people choosing Hillary Clinton knowing what they now know about her?
July 26 · 
Watch Benghazi survivor Kris Paronto completely dismantle Hillary Clinton's Benghazi claim: ‘It Was Not My Ball to Carry’
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Willie Salmon
Willie Salmon I can't believe people do not remember Benghazi!! How can anybody vote for this woman. Email scandal, Benghazi, fraud, and the list goes on and on and she wants to be our president!!
Lucy Phillips Schell
Lucy Phillips Schell Self-centered Hillary is an embarrassment for our country and the women of America. She is used to living off of the people and thinks she deserves homage that is not due to her. Vote for anyone but Hillary!
Gay Hauber Bossetti
Gay Hauber Bossetti Beatriz Del Carmen Gonzalez doesn't matter what security wasn't matters that for 13 hours the soldiers begged for help and she refused to send it even though they were only a couple of hours away.
Rita Zellman
Rita Zellman What kind of Secretary of States refuses to take the blame and prefers to blame everyone else? And says, "what difference does it make?" What happened in Benghazi, is one of the reasons I changed from Democrat to Republican. And they both, Obama & Hillary tried to blame it on a movie..Keep America safe with Donald J. Trump!!
Debra Crisalli
Debra Crisalli To all HillaryClinton fans read on 
If you happen to see the Bill Clinton five minute TV ad for Hillary in which he introduces the commercial by saying he wants to share some things we may not know about Hi
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Bryan Galante
Bryan Galante Kris Tanto Paronto .... is not only a hero, but continues to hammer the lies put forth by Hillary Clinton. This woman should NOT be president
Dianne Osborne Portnoy
Dianne Osborne Portnoy Tanto, you're a true hero, everyone needs to read 13 hours or see the movie to see what really happened and how things played out, we can't afford to have a President that doesn't care about our military I can't get over her comment "What difference does it make". It makes me sad for our fallen Americans, She absolutely can't be trusted I don't get it why ANYONE WOULD VOTE FOR HER

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