Thursday, October 13, 2016

Stop fighting and do what you know is right and better for each other.


Genesis 11:1-9

I am stunned over so much to talk about:

 This Donal Trump thing about Trump groping women and that Trump is really not serious in trying to win the White House.

I don't believe that about Donald Trump because why would anyone put themselves through this kind of very ugly public behavior reaction from the Washington DC Country Club establishment.  Trying to be elected as the next President of the United States, especially if you are a billionaire, to begin with.

Propaganda Ladies and Gentleman.

Be skeptical about everything you read, especially from those who presume to lecture you about how you should live.

This stuff over the relationship between women and men cannot be easily explained publicly is the greater point.

Any kind of argument or exchange romantic or otherwise about the strong disagreement between men and women belong in a Court Of Justice if that problem between the two become that serious.

What is this some kind of social rules for personal relationships now, if so that is insane.

Republicans like Paul Ryan reminds me of Cockroaches scurrying around when the lights go on.

Living in fear instead of keeping the faith between you and me is not my cup of tea. So whatever way that this country's women vote on November 8th, 2016 I will not change my belief in what Jesus Crist said all those many years ago. Love one another as you love yourselves.,

And if I might add start treating each other with more gratitude and appreciation, because before to lone no one lives forever here on this place that we call earth.

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