Monday, October 24, 2016

I have had enough of our country's News Media very ugly, and corrupted behavior.

Thomas Williams

I guess that it is not all that shocking that the politician in Washington DC is behaving for their self-servings selfish political reasons. Even going along with a lot of backroom corruption quid pro quo big money deals that makes their world go around in the way that they have been running the American people US Government.

But what is very upsetting to me is that our country's News Media that is likewise also very corrupted by this self-same way that the Washington DC establishment Country Club member have been screwing over the American people like you and me every day all the time.

How many bitter words can I say to express how low down I now see the media member to be this day.

Because I just keep reading these WikieLeake emails that bring to light our worse fears about these contemptible people that just relish in their media hypocrisy.

I am reading in politico how "colleagues yawn while star reporters like Thrush and Leibovich cooperate with Clinton campaign:"


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