Thursday, October 20, 2016

I like Ed Oregon coaching these LSU Tigers a lot.

Thomas Williams

I like Ed Oregon coaching these LSU Tigers a lot.
This LSU Football team seems to be playing football in a much smarter way than they have been doing for the past 12 years. It is not so much the way that this team is lining up for the next play. Because most of the college football team around the country line up the very same way more or less.
But putting a doubt in the opponents mind if this team offense is going to keep running or passing to gain yards on the next play. Run, or play action on first down has taken over the present image of Ed Oregon-LSU football team.
A far cry from (here we come! Doing the same play over and over again).
So now since these LSU tigers have a normal Head College Football Coach if Ole Miss, Alabama, Florida, Arkansas, and Texas A&M want to fight these LSU football players are big talented, mean, and ugly enough to win the game.
And I really like Ed Oregon as LSU Head Football coach coaching these LSU tiger football players.
That if this team keeps winning just go tell all of the other College Football Coaches that we are doing just fine, happy to have Ed Oregon coaching the LSU Tiger Football team for many years to come.
What should LSU's upcoming opponents worry about most?
Jeff Duncan, | The Times-Picayune
S.L. Clemens21 minutes ago
I'm really hoping that we save a few offensive wrinkles for the 'Bama game. I don't think Ole MIss is going to beat us without running the ball and they don't do that very well. We are too strong on the back end for Kelly to beat us one dimensionally, so, I think we win this one comfortably and if we get a couple turnovers from Kelly it could turn into a rout. If that doesn't happen, I see us winning 28-17.
Isengarten43 minutes ago
They all need to worry about one thing,,(the most important thing) Les Miles isn't the HC anymore.
RueAmulet57 minutes ago
Other. A complete team with a good defense AND a good offense. I think we win over Miss .pretty easily. Not a blowout, but a comfortable win.
While LSU has a brutal SEC backstretch, their opponents have seen a few things…

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