Saturday, October 8, 2016

I was speaking with my friend about what Donald Trump said.

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Thomas Williams, I was speaking with my friend about what Donald Trump said.

That a lot of Men and Women are allowing themselves to be distracted by the propaganda.

We are not mature enough as a country to look past this and see the bigger issues. Yes! This might be Donald Trump's undoing. But in the larger picture, it means absolutely nothing.

Hillary and Obama got people killed by their lust for power, prestige, and privilege.

This might be too much for Trump to overcome because it was really bad for sure. But what normal man hasn't privately said similar??

Again we haven't the maturity as a country any longer to perceive past the vapid and lurid. We are intoxicated, addicted to the Show, as most of the substance in our lives goes past our notice.

So we do seem doomed as a nation behaving like that.

I guess that we will sit back together because only God could fix this social mess we have allowed to occur. With a small consolation seeing this when so many other people do not. But I thank God for the grace in singling you and me out to know that we are not like them.
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