Thursday, October 6, 2016

Is America's currency already worthless?

Thomas Williams

The United States will be absorbed by China and Russia after the Federal Reserve Bank turns the American dollar into a worthless monopoly currency that has no value.

That the elitist American aristocracy has been gaming Wall Street for years thinking that they are now Billionaires and who kept avoiding the true reality that the USA dollar was becoming worthless.

Nothing is going to save the United States system of Government after so many of the Washington DC Country Club member lead the United Stated Federal Reserve Bank into this insane effort to try and be a country of open borders. Preaching that everyone else's personal problem is, of course, our own personal responsibility too.

No this welfare socialist ideology front to these Country Club members who keep stealing all the American people US Government money will finally collapse this country's economy.

We will lose everything to the rest of the world Government without a shot. All because the American people became too rich and soft to do anything about the reality they let get away from them


Global Research, April 21, 2016

On 19 April 2016, China was rolling out its new gold-backed yuan. Russia’s ruble has been fully supported by gold for the last couple of years. Nobody in the western media talks about it. Why would they? – A western reader may start wondering why he is constantly stressed by a US dollar based fiat monetary systems that is manipulated at will by a small elite of financial oligarchs for their benefit and to the detriment of the common people. 
In a recent Russia Insider article, Sergey Glaziev, one of Russia’s top economists and advisor to President Putin said about Russia’s currency, “The ruble Is the most gold-backed currency in the world”. He went on explaining that the amount of rubles circulating is covered by about twice the amount of gold in Russia’s Treasury.

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