Thursday, October 20, 2016

"Lay-say le Bon tom roo-lay") - let the good times roll,

Leave our LSU tiger college football fans alone and who in the world are you telling the other LSU football fans when they should decide to leave LSU Tiger Stadium for whatever reason they like, are you kidding us?
The LSU tiger football team is a lot of fun to watch play football again, did you feel the excitement and electricity in LSU Tiger Stadium for the first college football game with Ed Orgeron as LSU Head Coach?
The total recall of a man who really knows how to coach a college football team. Wow! I almost forgot what that was like these past 12 years. Come and go as you like Tiger fans and "Lay-say le Bon tom roo-lay") - let the go times roll,
Cajun Song from the Movie 'Southern Comfort'

Interim coach Ed Orgeron and interim offensive coordinator Steve Ensminger do…


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