Tuesday, October 25, 2016

My real Newspaper is Facebook.

Thomas Williams

Passing the time reading what is said on facebook becoming compelled to share what I am reading with you...take a look.
I was just inspired to share this!!

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Kathryn Talbot One of my favorite movie lines.
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Thomas Williams Yes, that is simply the very wonderful moments shared by people who can't help but understand what they are up against. And you are starting to have a lot of influence with your Facebook friends. By suggesting for your friends to take a look, so because you said so we do.
And from that fun post I went on to read about the ugly infliction that our country's two political party system is tormenting us with today.
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Donald Trump “is just trying to defend himself against false accusers..."
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Melissa VanWyck DeLeon Anybody that believes this crap that should have came out long before now......well I guess they deserve the shitty government they will get with Hillary and Corrupt Washington!
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Frank L Daley HRC paid to have violence at Trump rallies and an October surprise with fake sexual assault victims accusing her opponent...Why not, she learned how disruptive such behavior can be with Bill's behavior...
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Barbara White Women of America now is the time to prove your intelligence and to stop being run by emotions.
Hillary is not one of us. She doesn't represent us and she will betray and abandon us for money and her own agenda.. Vote for Trump and prove you are brilliant!
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Bob Belger Sue them for everything they have. If Trump had assaulted these women, TRUMP would have had to pay them off just as Hillary and Bill did (fact)..
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Daniel J. Moore Of course they are. Clinton plays dirty. Obviously if those things happened it would've been a long time ago and because he's a semi celebrity. Now right before the elections they come foward. Come on people. This is rediculous.
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Nancy Young Rollins What a coincidence, one woman each day reporting something that supposedly happened many years ago. How stupid is that? Who would even believe this story an yes he did the right thing. I hope they end up serving time in the slammer
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