Thursday, October 13, 2016

The New York Times keep publishing sex stories about Donald Trump that make him look bad to Women, why?

Thomas Williams

The FBI are said on Fox News to be "upset to a person that Director James Comey did not turn over the evidence against Hillary Clinton destroying the US Government emails to a grand jury."

There is no dought that the New York Times and other publications in this country's media are campaigning for Hillary Clinton by holding onto tarnished truth or outright lies about Donald Trump to socially demonize Donald Trump in the eyes of the American people.

That this country's press is always interested in these Donald Trump social allegations, that the press keeps holding onto these salacious sexual stories to at the right time keep publishing and looping on TV. 

To only keep leaving the stories about destroyed emails and Bill Clintons social allegations alone sliding away with hardly a peep.

Because if it were not for these WikiLeaks Emails leaks this country's press would even be worse, and who is going to protect us from the New York Times socially hurting us too?

That this country's media smiles looks more like the face of a social Monster to me.


Donald Trump Finds Improbable Ally in WikiLeaks

Donald J. Trump spoke to supporters at a rally in Lakeland, Fla., on Wednesday.CreditStephen Crowley/The New York Times

In the final weeks of a dizzying presidential campaign, Donald J. Trump is suddenly embracing an unlikely ally: The document-spilling groupWikiLeaks, which Republicans denounced when it published classified State Department cables and Pentagon secrets about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Mr. Trump, his advisers, and many of his supporters are increasingly seizing on a trove of embarrassing emails from Hillary Clinton’s campaign that WikiLeaks has been publishing — and that American intelligence agencies said on Friday came largely from Russian intelligence agencies, with the authorization of “Russia’s senior-most officials.”

The Trump campaign’s willingness to use WikiLeaks is an extraordinary turnabout after years of bipartisan criticism of the organization and its leader, Julian Assange, for past disclosures of American national security intelligence and other confidential information.

The accusation that Russian agents are now playing an almost-daily role in helping fuel Mr. Trump’s latest political attacks on Mrs. Clinton raises far greater concerns, though, about foreign interference in a presidential election.

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