Monday, October 17, 2016

These media people are so certain of their virtue it's nauseating, and making this selection down-right scary.

Thomas Williams

The American News Media along with the hysterical liberal Washington DC Country Club don't want you to study the WikiLeaks email leaks about Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party truthful feelings about you and me.

CNN thinks that the American public should not read the WikiLeaks hacked email about what is privately recorded over what the Democrats say to each other about everything going on in this 2016 Presidential campaign.

I have never seen such a one-sided broadcast of the American media bias and unfair treatment of Donald Trump. So whatever happens after this election I will always remember who the true members of the Washington DC gangsters Club were in this 2016 Presidental electing.

 And I sincerely hope that I don't become close enough to a  member of this country's media anytime soon because all I want to do now is kick them in the nuts.

These media people are so certain of their virtue it's nauseating, and making this selection down-right scary.



The Clinton Foundation left a toxic legacy in Colombia

Hillary Clinton has long said she is “very proud” of the Clinton Foundation’s work, but many of its beneficiaries in Colombia wonder why.
Since Bill Clinton established the foundation in the late 1990s, with help over the years from Hillary and daughter Chelsea, the nonprofit “global philanthropic empire” has raised roughly $2 billion from foreign governments and various wealthy donors to tackle global development and health problems. While intense media scrutiny has focused on the foundation’s donations and its use of that money – partly because of the wealth of available information on its vast financial intake – little sustained attention has been dedicated to its accomplishments on the ground.

“They are doing nothing for workers,” one Colombian union official told us, with disgust. “I don’t even know what they are doing in this country other than exploiting poverty and extracting money.”

Colombia should be the Clinton Foundation’s best case study. Ground zero for the drug wars of the 1980s and 90s, racked by uneven development and low-intensity conflict for half a century, Colombia has received more foundation money and attention than any other nation outside the United States. Bill and Hillary Clinton have visited the country often and enjoy close relationships with members of Colombia’s ruling party. Colombia has also been home to the vast oil and natural gas holdings of the man who is reportedly the Clinton Foundation’s largest individual donor, Canadian financier Frank Giustra. In short, conditions were right for Colombia to be the shining example of what the Clinton Foundation’s philanthropy can accomplish in the world, and what makes Hillary so proud of it efforts.

The American Media Institute, a nonprofit news service based in Alexandria, Virginia, partnered with Fusion to send us to Colombia to investigate the Clinton Foundation’s impact. We found ground realities that contrast, often starkly, with the nonprofit’s platitudes about its good work.
Many of the Colombian “success stories” touted on the foundation’s website – the ones specific enough for us to track down – were critical about the foundation’s effect on their lives. Labor leaders and progressive activists say foundation programs caused environmental harm, displaced indigenous people, and that it concentrated a larger share of Colombia’s oil and natural gas reserves in the hands of Giustra, who was involved in a now bankrupt oil company that worked closely with the Clinton Foundation and which used the Colombian military a 1984-stylesurveillance program to smash a strike by its workers.

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