Sunday, October 30, 2016

The AP is writing in the same way that they have been writing about the same old US Government corruption for as long as I can remember.

Thomas Williams

Just look at the political mess that the Republican Parties leaders have placed the American people in these days. Obviously, the American people have wised up to the corrupted way Paul Ryans Washington DC establishment has been running the American people US Government. And that the media are simply one part of that greater social corruption going on now in 2016.

Everywhere we look we keep reading about the same two Political Parties system struggling to hold onto the Government power against the people among us who still have hopes of being honest to their countrymen. The Democrats and Republicans keep pretending to be different when in fact the two Political Parties are one in the same Washington DC Country Club fixing the leaves of Government power to always be in the hand of their Country Club members.

You and I cannot play unless we volunteer to be like them.

 Paul Ryan and this country's Washington DC establishment will not be honest because they are all guilty of the same dastardly deeds from their daily way of how they run the American people US Government. And keep staying in the internal struggle with each other fighting for the leavers of power for the three branches of Government power, supposedly governed by the United States Constitution.

That public Political struggle has become only a media TV Show for appearance sake to you and me.  because of course, the Two Political Partys are one in the same Washington DC Country Club.

Donald Trump is the only real outsider trying to become the next President of the United States that the Washington DC establishment is determined to stop.

I just read this colum in the AP over the struggling Republican House members who are having the same power struggle with House speaker Paul Ryan.

Something that has become a very old stupid political story to me and I really cannot pay much attention to anymore.


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