Friday, October 21, 2016

Whose fault is this?l

Thomas Williams

Our country's election has turned into a crazy mess because the people running the US Government institutions were always a mess, to begin with.

How do you like the media calling Donald Trump racist, and a misogynist or worse? I find the people working in the media who keep doing that to be very hypocritical coming from them, isn't it?

If all the wise guys coming from the Ivy League elitist society really know what they were talking about our US Government and economy would not be like this.

So who is responsible for the breakdown and corruption in our country's balance of power Government these days. None other than the same people talking to us on television dressed in their finest clothes covered with the most expensive makeup.

That is now looking like our society's most repulsive ugly creatures to me. No, it is not Donald Trump fault what has happened over all of these years leading us to this present day stress and strain trying to keep enjoying what we have in spite of the gangsters who keep stealing the country's treasury out of the United States Federal Reserve Bank.

That stink honor goes to the media, US government, and the great and revered Ivy League American aristocracy still living today.

Latest Polls

PollsDatesType, RespondentsClintonTrumpMargin
Politico/Morning Consult NEW10/19 - 10/20
4640Clinton +6
Rasmussen NEW10/18 - 10/20
4143Trump +2
American Research Group NEW10/17 - 10/20
Live Phone1,006
4942Clinton +7
IBD/TIPP NEW10/15 - 10/20
Live Phone789
4041Trump +1
Quinnipiac University10/17 - 10/18
Live Phone1,007
4740Clinton +7
YouGov/Economist10/15 - 10/18
4238Clinton +4
Fox News10/15 - 10/17
Live Phone912
4539Clinton +6
Bloomberg/Selzer10/14 - 10/17
Live Phone1,006
5041Clinton +9
Rasmussen10/13 - 10/17
4241Clinton +1
Ipsos/Reuters10/13 - 10/17
4339Clinton +4

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