Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Who in the hell does the media think they are.

Thomas Williams

Goodness, our country's media is a pack of weak-kneed people fighting tooth and claw to get along with the big money controllers pulling all of the political strings behind the TV cameras. The efforts of the mainstream TV Networks campaigning for Hillary Clinton against Donald Trump is simply appalling.

This pathetic TV political programming is the Show for only appearance sake that has made Donald Trump so popular to the millions of American people who are very tired of this fixed Washington DC establishment corrupted way of doing business.

So I hope and pray that the American people go to the polling booth and leave the string of media very clever to rehearse gotcha sounds bite in the place that they belong.

 In the past, because we still have a country to make better.



Look at this...Saturday, October 1, 2016.

People who were born in the 1940s realized that they were the children who were being raised in the II World War and that War was nothing but wall to wall cruelty in the name of higher morality.

In the cast of Germanys Adolf Hitler mind, "to have a be
tter superior race one day in the future, that would not be like the evil Jewish people."

Terrible atrocities were committed in that mindless inhuman crazy War.

Now once again we are also seeing the same mindless cruelty in the name of another higher morality, Islamic perverted Muslim Sharia law.....


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