Monday, October 10, 2016

Who in their right mind likes a double crossing dirty rat?

Megan Kelly just said she's never talked like that. Instead, she gives them something to talk about?! What's the difference? See how that can twist on you!!
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Dylan Austin Chiasson
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Joan Swensky
Joan Swensky Kelly is no goody too shoes , she acts prim and proper but seeing the last few pictures of her she is far from it.
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JJ Suhar
JJ Suhar I listened to the Howard stern interview of her. Immmmmmm......Interesting......LOL
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Thomas Williams
Thomas Williams! I'm voting for Donald Trump too.

The media is now on the run from the American people who seem to be leading each other behind the political charge of Donald Trump. After Donald Trump obviously won the Town Hall Debate in spite of all the Washington DC establishment fail safe power lined up against him.

The people who jump the Trump ship because they pretended to be holier than thou are now looking like chicken livered double crossing rats instead.

And I am asking you who in their right mind likes a double crossing dirty rat?
No! I'm voting for Donald Trump too.

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