Monday, November 7, 2016

Go peddle your socially corrupted Newspapers somewhere else Mr. and Mrs. Media. Because I voted for Donald Trump.


The Washington DC establishment mainstream media vs the American people online social media, raw and up close.

Never have the population of the United Stated has the American people seen so many gangsters infiltrate from the Halls of the Ivy League inside the US Government. The social corruption between the mainstream medias and Washington DC establishment has grown like cancer-making the blind Lady of American Justice body very unhealthy, and about to die.

The very connected elitist members of the Washington DC establishment Country Club has trillions of dollars invested in keeping the way that this US Government is running just like it is.

Now because of the American people disgust in the way that the US


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  1. Hugs, thank you! I fought for your right to chose. My Vehicle Commander, Zach Kolda, died for that, God Bless his soul. We are beyond Party Loyalty...way beyond already. it is for preserving this land we love. If we end up with another traitor-many of us will work to prevent her policies.