Tuesday, November 1, 2016

God's Divine Spirit sounds wonderful to me too.

Listen to King's College Choir, free, on their website: http://bit.ly/kingslisten The choir of Kings College, Cambridge sing John Rutter's arrangement of Ado...

Thomas Williams This is what I love about other people the most. Their "Soul."That always feels so very much like our own. Because of course, we are also very much in love with Jesus Christ divine attitude. 

That he brought to us a better life from God. Telling us that without forgiveness we will search forever in vain for a Soul that is already there inside us now. 

That all we need to do is ask Gods forgiveness of our sins, and we will be forgiven to go on and live in that same divine spirit of forgiveness very close to God. So, of course, this soulful music from these people singing these songs always sounds wonderful to me too.
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