Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Hillary Clinton and the Democrats are going to keep trying to make Monopoly Money real.

Thomas Williams

This country political leaders have been running the American people's Government like it was from Disneyland trying to use Monopoly Money like it is real. So because of that bright Ivy League way of running the American people economy our society has been placed in an insane place trying to live in reality. As millions of the American people are now dependent on US Government welfare and giveaway programs.

Even supplying those US Government assistant policy to illegal immigration from far and wide that makes this country's Federal Reserve Bank keep printing money the US government doesn't have.

So, in reality, the money in my pocket is now worthless and only getting recognized as real.

I think if Donald Trump wins there will be disorder and instability across the USA engineered by the Democrats. Because they are not going to give up power without scorching the landscape.

Hillary Clinton could still eek out a win, according to these TV pundits. If Hillary does win you might as well say goodbye Charlie to America we knew and valued.

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