Tuesday, November 29, 2016

I like Ed Orgeron coaching the LSU Fighting Tigers,.

Ed Orgeron

Rabalais: Some final thoughts on the Ed Orgeron hire at LSU

A football coach's hiring is always a breathless event, with people rushing to judgment on the selection pro or con.

So after a little time and space have passed, here are a few observations on the whole process that led LSU to name Ed Orgeron to lead the program that is the school’s pride and passion:
Ed Orgeron isn’t eloquent, but underestimate him at your peril.
Orgeron is one crafty Cajun. He curried favor with boosters in the two months he served as LSU’s interim coach. He impressed athletic director Joe Alleva and the members of LSU’s search committee with his organization, punctuality, and zest for coaching, the first two qualities at least things they found lacking in Les Miles. The words “culture change” have become as much a part of the LSU landscape as “one heartbeat” and “Tell the Truth Monday.”
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Thomas Williams ·
I feel very good about LSU hiring Ed Orgeron to a four-year Head Football Coaching contract. And I also very much like the fact that Ed Orgeron is one of us living here in Louisiana. So I will get behind Ed Orgeron 100 percent and let the chips fall where they may...Geaux Tigers!!!
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Cindy Demler
Curly Hallman was similar to Tom Hermann in that he was at a mid-major school and had a knack for beating ranked teams. When Hallman was hired, we were "Crazy 'bout Curley". At the end, we thought "Curly's 'bout Crazy".
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Randy Kline
Coach O was the perfect man for the job for several reasons; 1)our recruiting will not miss a heartbeat, (one team, one heartbeat) 2) He is ready for this job 3) He is the perfect fit for cajun country!
Coach is as cajun as Boudreaux & Thibodaux !!!

He failed at Ole Ms. because he was not ready and went to a school that will always have a hard time consistently winning ( this year 5-5) with a very good coach and recruiter! The snotty Ol miss. alumni think they are the elite ,( they think the grove something special, been there not impressed). They never welcomed our beloved cajun son!

He will get the best OC weather it is Kiffin or someone else! Geaux Tigers!!
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LouAnna Hauck
Dr. J stick to basketball
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Julius Irving
Your answer should have been "NO"! Shoddy work by a spineless AD. He has ruined LSU Football, Both Men's and Women's basketball, and lucked out with Torino b cause he " didn't get his guy" from Bama.
He. Reds to be fired along with F Alexander. We passed over Dan Radakovich for this scoundrel that shamed Duke with the LAX scandal and LSU in 2015 with Miles firing and NOW THIS!
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Jeffrey Richards ·
"Ruined LSU football"? Seriously? Coach 'O' deserves this shot. He turned around a situation that could have divided this football team with ruinous results. If he gets the OC figured out, LSU will be in good shape and hardly "ruined". R-E-L-A-X...

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