Wednesday, November 9, 2016

I like to read what Deanna Meske II says on my Facebook:

What an exciting time this has been! If you had the chance to watch the rallies you know what the score is, you have the inside scoop. If you didn't then u sure missed a hell of a ride.
Whether you support Mr. Trump or not he has very good intentions for all Americans and I for one would like to see us come together as American's and stop fighting so much.
This man endured more attacks & slander from every angle but he kept his eye on the goal and he achieved it, isn't that what we do for our goals, isn't that a great example of how to win in life?
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Stephen Edward Garside Nicely said.. x
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Sharron Harrington Ledrick Wonderful words!
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Micah Murphree Yes!!!!
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Thomas Williams The media acted like that they don know anyone who is making under $60 000 dollars a year. Walking around in shock that the Amerian people elected Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton. And once again disappoint me watching them turn into gray people, losing all of their blood going to their face, and totally out of touch with you and me.
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Thomas Williams Ha ha
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