Monday, November 7, 2016

Listening to the Laura Ingraham talk Radio Show.


I am listening to a CBS Radio broadcast on 1370 Online Laura Ingraham talk Radio Show. 

9:38 AM EST on my computer, Irma Thomas sing "It's Raining So Hard."

 listing to Hillary Clinton talks in the rain at the Florida Rally. "That she will be the President for everyone." Now Laura is asking what State should we see flip for Trump? Either Michigan or Pennsylvania. Then Trump will be the Victor. 

She is talking to Mark Halperin, about how she was looking at the long lines going into a Trump Rally! Mark Halperin, said he saw a Trump rally also and there is no dought that Trump Rally has more enthused.

Mark Halperinsaid we must look for the entangled doing the vote before he is convinced Hillary will win because the math is telling him Hillary Clinton is going to win.

Laura said did you hear how Clinton said that Trump was inhuman, and is a low down dog.

Mark Halperin, said Trump help Hillary talking points by making fun of a handicapped writer, and talk vulgar. And about how ugly the fallen US soldier parents Mr. and Mrs. Khan were talking about him Donald Trump.

Laura: "What about CNN helping the Clinton candidacy in such a political way by asking Clintons questions that CNN feed to her beforehand.

And Wolf Blitzer calls up the DNC that he is asking Donald Trump questions on the air, so please forward your political talking points that we can ask him about.

How about that Face the Nation question "turns out the Clinton's were given $1 million dollars from Qatar." The Clinton spokesman denied she did something wrong.

So Mark Halperin, what do you think about the Clinton Foundation

Mark Halperin, said that he will need to investigate the Clinton and Trump Foundation more, before condemning them.
Wow! Just some of what the media is saying to the American people on the airways across America, about this election tomorrow between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.
So glad to hear a majority of union workers are voting Trump tomorrow. The best part is the majority extends to the committee as well. Even though Hillary's campaign headquarters are located in the same said union hall....
Thomas Williams
Thomas Williams Wow! That is great-go Wisconsin!!!
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