Monday, November 7, 2016

So if I see the American people voting the Washington DC gangsters out of the American people US Government. I will feel very happy.

Kicking the gangsters out of Washington DC.
Because the USA President tells me so.

I now realize that our school children believe the political propaganda that our country's US Government leaders are saying every day on TV with the help of the mainstream media. Because our country President Barack Obama says it's so.

That illegal people can vote just like the everyday American citizens can. Because you don't need identification to vote in America.
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It's beginning to look like Comey's announcements was simply a rush by the Clinton's to divert attention from the Wikileaks information. Stop Donald Trump from talking about the cost of Obamacare and Immigration.

Comey apparently is on the hook to the Clinton's. It's all worse than we ever have imagined, and this is all very depressing to see the Black and Spanish-American people voting for the Clinton's knowing this.

I will be very happy if this country's population really does stop those Washington DC gangsters once and for all.


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