Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Staying Alive.

Well, let's see....I see a lot of head scratching, "oh wells", doom and gloom, and people just not understanding how. Well here is how it happened.
1st mainstream media failed. And failed mighty big they did. The media continued use of bad polling, outdated methods, and obvious bias for Hillary all caused the reverse outcome from what they hoped would happen. If you doubt it then why were the only media sources calling the states and overall election found at "western journalism". This site used actual math experts, watching live returns, and comparing that to real census data and tendencies of previous elections. As a result, they had the same results as the mainstream but called the race exactly at 10pm. Many states as much as 2 hours before networks.
2nd was the biggest. The crossover vote.
This was the biggest reason that the mainstream failed as well. It unread of to suggest a democrat voting for Trump. But that's exactly what happened. Trump got a 10% boost from the crossover democrat vote. The main reason is Hillary's Lies. It made her, the media, and all of Washington look like criminals above the law. So many, mainly union workers, crossed over to the " Red Side" while the blind millennials towed the party line and voted with blinders on.
Robert Sheraski
Robert Sheraski 3rd and yes this is also a big part. The Obama administration's blind disregard for the people, and the constitution. Through his many examples of executive abuse, and agenda driven policies, he turned his own against himself and the party. Obamacare...See More
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Thomas Williams
Thomas Williams, I am very proud of the American people who are living in Wisconsin that came through for the rest of our countrymen. Voting for Donald Trump to Drain the Swamp." We all now have a feeling of gratitude and appreciation that we were always looking for before. Trying to make our US Government better again. So thank you Wisconsin!
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