Monday, November 28, 2016

The Megyn Kelly TV Show is always looking at a phony witch.

Looks like the little people may have some rating juice after all. Fox NewsMegyn Kelly is feelin' the wrath of Conservatives in The Kelly File ratings. S...
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Recently, Fox News execs declared Megyn Kelly to be the longtime leading cable news network’s “future.” If so, that future doesn’t appear particularly bright… As…

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Betty Thomas
Betty Thomas The Kelly File and ole Megyn need to be history. It sure didn't take long for her to reveal her depraved leftist's tendencies. By the way, when she leaves hopefully she'll take that awful Juan Williams and Geraldo Rivera with her.
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Daniel Zinke
Daniel Zinke I won't watch her anymore.
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Thomas Williams
Thomas Williams, Of course, her TV ratings are falling because no one respects a dirty double-crossing hypocrite like Megyn Kelly.
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