Tuesday, November 8, 2016

We are very tired of all this US Government gangster behavior.

Thomas Williams

I just read what Pat Buchanan wrote about in his column. "Win or Lose, Trump has Emasculated  Ruling Class."  and I couldn't agree more.

Because Donald Trump simply started talking about what a lot of the hard working American people were feeling about the men and women running the US Government over the last decade ,or even longer.

We are very sick and tired of all this Ivy League US Government meddling into the American people workplace, and social life.

The snobbish American Aristocracy has truly become very insufferable to even look at, much less pay more attention too.
Read more....   http://www.wnd.com/2016/11/win-or-lose-trump-has-emasculated-ruling-class/
“If I don’t win, this will be the greatest waste of time, money and energy in my lifetime,” says Donald Trump. Herewith, a dissent. Whatever happens…

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